Selected Publications Relevant to Long Paddock

This is a list of key references related to past and current projects undertaken by our staff and collaborators. In some cases abstracts of these documents and/or full versions are made available for download.

McKeon, G, Hall, W, Henry, B, Stone, G & Watson, I (eds) (2004) ‘Pasture Degradation and Recovery in Australia's Rangelands: Learning from History’ Department of Natural Resources Mines & Industry, Queensland Government
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Jones, P., Silcock, R. and Stone, G. (2008) ‘Grazing land in “A” condition is stable and resilient’. Proceedings of the Australian Rangeland Society Conference. Charters Towers, Australia. The paper is available (PDF, 59K, last updated 01:31PM, 17 September 2009)* on the Long Paddock web site.
McKeon, G.M., Flood, N., Carter, J.O., Stone, G.S., Crimp, S.J. and Howden, S.M. (2008). ‘Simulation of climate change impacts on livestock carrying capacity and production for the Garnaut Climate Change Review’ (PDF)*.   
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    Last updated: 13 February 2018