Time Series Graphs by Regions

Access the Time series graphs

These graphs are for vegetation types derived from the Interim Biogeographical Regionalisation of Australia (IBRA). Graphs are provided for over 400 IBRA sub regions in Australia. SubIBRA regions (version 7.0) extending across state boundaries are split into their respective states. Data is extracted and averaged for the area of each IBRA subregions for a range of simulated variables and climate data. For pasture utilisation calculations only those areas grazed by domestic stock are included in the calculation.


Time series graphs of climate and pasture variables on a subIBRA basis

Graphs are available as PDF files, of both annual time-series from 1890 to the most recent calendar year and monthly time-series for recent decades for:

  • Evaporation
  • Maximum and minimum temperature
  • Pasture growth
  • Total rainfall
  • Total standing dry matter
  • Pasture cover
  • Pasture utilisation

Sample PDF regional graphs

Other information

The following products may also be available on application:

  • Access to daily estimates of fuel load via FTP
  • Experimental products and customised analyses
Last updated: 14 December 2017