Previous Projects (Round 1)

Round one of the Drought and Climate Adaptation Program (DCAP) ran from 2016­­­­­­–2017 with a $3.5 million Queensland Government investment to fund 21 projects. These projects aimed to improve producers’ capacity to manage drought and climate variability and adapt to a changing climate.

These projects conducted research, development and extension activities with multiple partners and included the formation of the Queensland Drought Mitigation Centre (QDMC). Many of the current DCAP round two projects were directly informed by the project successes and learnings from round one.

For more information on round one projects and their achievements email or call the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries call centre on 13 25 23.

Research projects

  • Social research into barriers to adoption Research will examine the barriers to Queensland graziers using tools to effectively manage climate variability and prepare for drought.
  • Co-innovation R&D for Profit Pilot project Findings from three drought-affected communities will be applied in a national project which uses a community wide co-innovation processes to foster climate  resilience in rural communities.
  • Improving seasonal forecasts  Research will incorporate new climate drivers including the Quasi Biennial Oscillation and the Sub-Tropical Ridge into existing forecast systems to improve forecasting skill.
  • Modelling multi-year droughts  Research applies a coupled climate model to improve predictions of multi-year droughts to trial decadal forecasts.
  • Quantifying multi-year droughts Research quantifies the risk of multi-year drought events from historical climate records.
  • Enhanced multi-peril crop insurance products Research is developing prototype multi-peril crop insurance products to support a viable market for managing cropping risk in Australia.
  • Economic value of Seasonal Climate Forecast in agriculture Research is discovering the economic value of improved climate risk strategies through adoption of improved seasonal climate forecasting in selected primary industries.
  • Palaeoclimate data for water security Research will incorporates palaeoclimate data into water security planning and decision making in south-east Queensland catchments.

Development projects

  • Climate change projections for agriculture risk management  Development of climate change projection data for use in biophysical crop, pasture and animal modelling processes.
  • Drought monitoring indices Assessing a range of drought warning indices to develop a spatial drought index.
  • Crop forecast models  Developing improved crop forecast tools by using a multi-crop model approach which intergrates seasonal climate forecasting.
  • Pasture alerts Developing customised pasture alerts by combining pasture modelling and seasonal forecasting to support improved grazing management decision making.
  • Developing and customising decision support tools Developing and customising decision support tools including Will it Rain (Ver 4).
  • LongPaddock 2020 Development of LongPaddock as a data portal accessible from a cloud based web source.
  • Crop production modelling under climate change Developing detailed biophysical and economic assessments of adaptation options to climate change scenarios for Queensland agricultural industries.
  • Predicting pasture production drought risk in Grazing Land Management zones Pilot testing MODIS data as a tool to assess trends in long term pasture productivity through drought conditions (2000-2009).

Extension projects

  • Regional climate change adaptation for agriculture Encouraging agriculture industry stakeholders to apply the climate risk matrix to improve their capacity to adapt to, and manage, climate change impacts.
  • Communicating climate change impacts to agriculture Encouraging agriculture industry stakeholders to use climate change adaptation information and tools to manage climate change impacts.
  • Revamping Managing for Climate workshops  Helping agriculture industry stakeholders to build individual understanding and skills to manage climate risks.
  • Grazing BMP for Western Queensland  Improving management of climate variability and resilience to drought in the grazing industry in Western Queensland, through the implementation of the grazing Best Management Program (BMP).
  • Business mentoring for the grazing industry Helping grazing industry businesses to build business capacity to manage climate and business shocks.
Last updated: 4 May 2018