Drought Duration Report

What is a Drought Duration report?

The Drought Duration report presents the current drought situation and a summary of historical drought duration information in Queensland. Queensland drought declarations have been made based on local government areas (LGA). The data is for the date of the last review by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries with duration updated at the end of each month.

Drought declaration information from 1964 to 1994 was collated using an unpublished document from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Rural Risk Strategies Unit (2008)). Drought declarations from January 1995 are sourced from the maps that are currently shown on the Long Paddock website.


  • On some occasions drought declarations have been declared on a partial LGA;
  • the drought history represents our best estimate of Queensland’s drought declared areas, given the local government boundary changes and amalgamations over time; and
  • The seasonal timing/frequency of revocation has changed from ‘ad hoc’ to largely ‘end of wet season/recovery status’.

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Last updated: 12 May 2022