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Climate risk management: A Queensland perspective

David McRae, Science Delivery Division, DSITIA

This presentation takes an overview of Queensland’s climate,  the main drivers of Qld’s climate at different timescales, the variability of Qld’s climate particularly rainfall (droughts and floods), the use and relevance of seasonal forecasts, case studies using seasonal forecasts and some tools to aid in decision making. The presentation brings together over 20 years of climate applications work within the Qld government.



About David McRae

Dave McRae is the manager of the science engagement team working within the Qld Government's Science Delivery Division. His current role is focussed on increasing the awareness and use of the science produced within Science Delivery. Based in Toowoomba his background is in agriculture and climate science specifically communicating on the impacts of ENSO and other drivers of climate variability and risk throughout rural and regional Queensland. This has included writing a climate column for the Qld Country Life and Rural Weekly for approximately 10 years.

Last updated 18 May 2015

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