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Rainman StreamFlow is a climate data analysis tool that helps users improve their management of climate risks. The tool enables users to analyse rainfall and other climate variables at individual locations, taking into account seasonal patterns and forecasts. 

Stocktake is a paddock-scale land condition monitoring and management package. It has been developed to provide grazing land managers with a practical, systematic way to: assess land condition and long-term carrying capacity, and calculate short-term forage budgets.

Breedcow and Dynama software helps with herd management and evaluation of beef businesses for beef producers, agribusiness staff, agricultural teachers, consultants, bankers, research and extension officers, and students.

WhopperCropper provides agronomists and farmers with the capability to use crop modelling and climate forecasting to better manage cropping risks. It packages pre-run crop modelling and climate forecasting scenarios (600,000 APSIM simulations) into databases relevant to individual farming districts. It quantifies the effects of crop input levels, rainfall, SOI phase effects on potential yields and gross margins.

Climate Change Risk Management Matrix is a tool that can help address uncertainty by identifying the impacts, risks, vulnerabilities and adaptive responses associated with climate change.

CliMate is a suite of climate analysis tools delivered on the Web, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. CliMate allows you to interrogate climate records to ask questions relating to rainfall, temperature, radiation, and derived variables such as heat sums, soil water and soil nitrate, and well as El Nino Southern Oscillation status.

GrazFeed helps farmers save supplement costs and reach livestock production targets by calculating the daily nutritional requirements of sheep and cattle. It is a computer version of the Australian Ruminant Feeding Standards that can be applied to any breed or class of sheep and cattle. GrazFeed can be applied to any temperate or tropical grazing system where sheep or cattle graze pasture, rather than browse shrubs (i.e. not semi-arid rangelands). It can also accommodate management systems which restrict pasture intake, such as strip grazing, cut-and-carry systems and feedlotting. It is regarded as a benchmark in temperate grasslands.

GrassGro helps analyse opportunities and risks that variable weather imposes on the profitability and sustainability of grazing systems.

AusFarm is a flexible modelling tool that can help farmers optimise management strategies for livestock, grassland and cropping operations on a mixed farm or across a variable landscape.

LambAlive is an easy to use spreadsheet using location; ewe breed; condition score; ewes with twins and weather data to determine mortality risk.

MetAccess enables users to display and analyse weather records collected by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) from official stations around the continent as well as locally collected data or databases from other countries. MetAccess allows the user to summarise and analyse long term climate records and view the results in a graphical or tabular form.

FORAGE a web-based system for requesting information relating to climate and pasture conditions at user-specified locations.

AGDATA Phoenix provides farm mapping, livestock, grazing, cropping and weather tools.

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) provides a range of tools and calculators to assist red meat producers in making decisions in their businesses.

Agribusiness decision tools is a suite of economic and financial tools to help users make informed business and production decisions. The tools relate to livestock, cropping and horticulture industries in Queensland.

Precision pastoral management tool operates at a resolution, and on a geographic scale that allows pastoralists to integrate precision animal data with precision spatial data to match livestock performance to environmental conditions, leading to more efficient pastoral enterprises.


Future Beef provides practical and regionally customised EDGEnetwork® grazing land management workshops that help graziers improve their profits in a sustainable way. By understanding the relationships between pasture, water, soils, woodlands, biodiversity, fire and weeds, managers can assess the suitability of different pasture development options and determine the financial impact of a range of grazing management options.


Canegrowers Climate Variability -  tools for primary producers in the sugar industry (PDF)* is a booklet that describes the major climate drivers in Queensland’s sugar producing regions. It also provides tools and information to assist producers in managing the impact of climate variability on sugarcane production.

* Requires Adobe Reader

Last updated 22 September 2015

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