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Drought declarations (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)

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As at 10 March 2017 there are a total of 43 councils and three part council areas drought declared, with 53 Individually Droughted Properties in a further nine council areas.

Monthly Climate Statement

The Science Delivery Division of the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) produces a monthly climate statement which interprets seasonal climate outlook information for Queensland. The monthly climate statement is based on DSITI's own information and also draws on information from national and international climate agencies.

Drought Assessment Information report

The Drought Assessment Information report is a multi-map report for a specific shire or regional council as a PDF document, emailed to you.

The report is produced by the AussieGRASS model via the FORAGE system; it includes rainfall, pasture growth, potential flow to stream, total standing dry matter (biomass) and a curing index for different time periods to assist with drought assessment.

Queensland Water Storages

Queensland Water Supply Levels for major irrigation water storages managed by Sunwater can be accessed from the Sunwater web site (PDF)*

* Requires Adobe Reader

Last updated 1 December 2015