User Guide

A User Guide is available to provide users of the Consistent Climate Scenarios data with background information and guidelines for using and interpreting the data.

Download the User Guide (PDF, 4.6M)* 
Download the User Guide Addendum (PDF, 1.5M)*
Download the User Guide Addendum 2 (PDF, 0.5M)*

As User Guides may be updated periodically, it is advised to check this link occasionally for new versions.

It is strongly recommended that users consult the User Guide before downloading and using the data.

The User Guide contains information regarding:

  • file naming conventions and content;
  • the methodologies used to produce the data;
  • the historical and projected climate variables;
  • emissions scenarios and climate warming sensitivity;
  • the Global Climate Models (GCMs) that are utilised;
  • how to select GCMs;
  • background data and plots;
  • the method used for infilling missing climate variables; and
  • known limitations of the climate projections data.
Last updated: 8 February 2024