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About SILO

SILO (Scientific Information for Land Owners) is a database of historical climate records for Australia. It provides daily datasets for a range of climate variables and in formats suitable for a variety of applications.

SILO data are an enabling technology which allows clients to focus on their research, without the burden of data preparation. Our products support a wide range of research projects and decision support systems because:

SILO provides data to the Queensland Government, other state and federal agencies, CSIRO, Universities, consultants and landholders.

Current initiatives by the SILO team are to:


SILO data

SILO datasets are constructed from observational records provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. SILO processes the raw data, which may contain missing values, to derive datasets which both spatially and temporally complete. Our datasets are available through a paid licencing agreement, although some data are available free of charge. For further information, please consult our price list.

For a brief comparison of the products available from SILO and the Bureau, please see our product comparison (PDF, 359K, last updated 02:43PM, 27 July 2015)*. For a detailed analysis of the interpolated surfaces provided by SILO and the Bureau, please see Beesley et.al. (2009).



The SILO historical data system began as a world leading innovation in 1996. Since then SILO has received several state and national awards for excellence.

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Last updated 6 February 2015

SILO climate data