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The Drought and Climate Adaptation Program is helping the cropping industry across Queensland through research, development and extension activities.


Cyclone risk cover – closer than you think

Improved crop insurance options for climate risk management

Helping farmers and agribusiness with a new and improved way forward


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Case studies

Forewarned is Forearmed experimental forecasts and their use in managing a weed eradication biosecurity program Tom Bowditch used experimental forecasts from Forewarned is Forearmed to help manage a Red Witchweed biosecurity response.
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Insurance: Yalbaroo sugarcane farm A major risk for farm businesses in this region are cyclones. ‘Cat-in-a-box’ insurance could be a solution.
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Insurance: Hampden sugarcane farm Cyclones and intense rainfall is a major risk for this farm so a ‘cat-in-a-box’ cover plus additional rainfall trigger was developed.
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Insurance: Marian sugarcane farm Three insurance options were developed for this farm that is at risk of cyclones and flooding.
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Forewarned is forearmed: Equipping farmers and agricultural value chains to proactively manage the impacts of extreme climate events

Customised forecasts of extreme rainfall and temperature events will help grazing and sugar producers to make more informed short and medium-term management decisions to improve farm profitability.

Crop insurance

Researching and developing innovative and affordable insurance products tailored to Queensland's cropping and horticulture industries.

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Last updated: 22 May 2024