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Long-Term Carrying Capacity Report
Rainfall and Pasture by Land Type
Ground Cover report
Crop frequency report
Satellite imagery

Specify location using lot on plan

Enter lot(s) on plan (e.g. 3MZ594) and select from list. A maximum of 30 lots on plan are allowed.
Quick guide for map control :
- Click on + or - to zoom into the area of your property
- Use the search bar to search for a property name, address, place, road intersection, coordinate, etc.
- To search for a coordinate, separate latidute and longitude with a comma (e.g. -24.1234,146.1234).
- To search for a road intersection, type in 'xxxx road and xxx road' format
- Click on the to locate your current position (note: limited by device hardware and/or GPS signal strength. Computers without GPS receiver will not get accurate location.)
- Click on the lot to select or remove;

   Zoom in to reveal Lot on Plan layer

Subscription Service (Free)

Set the subscription interval to receive report regularly. (e.g. select '3 months' and you will receive a report every 3 months) Set it to 'One-off' to receive a report for this time only. This is a free service.

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Last updated: 19 January 2022